Some fresh air and nature for everyone.

Earth is so large, that even if humans destroy everything, there will still be nature. The soil, oceans, atmosphere and weather would still interact with solar power to allow some life to exist. Earth cannot be a barren place like the moon. Humans can, then, reduce our planetary paradise into a hell of sorts, but cannot, I believe, destroy the planet itself.

I don't remember from where I found this piece of article, it was hidden in my desktop, may be left there for some of my work. So before the cruel world destroy everything, I have some images of mother nature. Hope you like them.

Well this time not self promotion, but direct marketing of my images, so the buyers can grab them fast.

First presenting two images from our family estate while I was in India, few more got rejected, but never mind.

And these are from the famous Al Ain 170 kilometer from Dubai. Its a beautiful place, so next time someone visiting Dubai, don't just see the tallest tower, here something more to see.

Photo credits: Creativei.

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January 12, 2010


Yes i'm from Coorg, was there for 20 days this December, yeah we have common interests. ofcource we come from same village.

January 11, 2010


looks like we have more in common :-). I have very similar shots from our farm in Coorg, which are not yet in DT. Are you from there as well?

January 08, 2010


Excellent shots Altaf! They say 'variety is the spice of life' and it's always great to get out into the fresh air and sunshine for a break :)

January 07, 2010


Thanks everyone for the comments,
Jitka I'm happy that you saw fresh green pepper through my image.
Mani, yeah variety is important for survival.

January 07, 2010


Nice pics Altaf and diversity, also agree with Jitka, the mountain sunset is great with good choice of color.

January 07, 2010


I have never seen the fresh green peppe :-) Nice image, and I esp. admire the mountain in sunset - what a beautiful tonality! :-) Have a lot od successes with them!

January 07, 2010


lovely images - hope they sell well :)

January 06, 2010


Great shots Altaf! Seems you're getting more variety now! 2010 is making the difference :))

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