Some help on keywords

Obviously keywords are fundamental for sale an image. Some time newbies (like me at the beginning) don’t take enough care on keywords selection. I think it is normal because easily a newbie doesn’t know exactly how stock works.

I’m in DT from October 2008, and I have learnt a lot (not enough quickly as I wanted) how important are keywords.

Just surfing on the pictures on line I have discovered some tips could help the rest of the member (especially new members). Here you are:

1.Try to describe all details on each picture. Don’t think that an small detail isn’t important: it could be important for a potential buyers.

2.Words in singular and plural are not necessary

3.Have a look to similar pictures on line to see possible keywords.

4.Have a look on to see popular searches. It can help you to select a keyword (if some is useful for your image)

Photo credits: Antoni Vicens.


newbie tips

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Keywording is a crucial point in a post-processing process for images, particularly for images intended for the stock market, and I think that beautiful pictures will have more success if they are supported by a proper keywording.
This is why I spend some time to choose keywords and evaluate their potential implications.
Doing this, I consider three different levels of keywording:
1) LITERARY Level: it is the starting point, the keywords used hereby are useful to describe what is the content of an image (people, animals, objects, actions, events...). I base my selection on a hierarchical scheme of a tassonomic criteria, without exceeding in the excessive implications of a thesaurus.
2) CONCEPTUAL Level: this is a more subjective step, as it deals with the selection of ideas and adjectives related to the content of the picture.
3) STYLISTIC Level: it is quite a formal level, as it gives technical information concerning the scene (landscapes, portraits, posing, close-up...), the shot (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) and other stuff such as the type of photo (color, B&W, IR...), the author and so on.
Applying such criteria I am reasonably sure to produce an interesting keywording, avoiding common mistakes.
Have fun guys!


Thank you all for your comments. If the article can be useful for somebody I'll feel happy.
Just to know, if find it useful, please mark it! :D


Thanks, Antoni Now i have a print of "some help on keywords" to my nexts upload!


Great tips! Thanks!


Thank you for sharing. These are good ideas :0)


Useful tips! Nice images!

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