Some ideas of what to do with your rejected images...

... appart of sending them to other sites (for non exclusives) or removing them from the folder "Send to Dreamstime" (or whatever system you use. In my case I have folders, "Send to X").

Some ideas of things I have done:

1. Use them to create a whole new concept: I used a bunch of my refused files to make the "media room" concept (which has sold pretty well!). Not always from these are rejected ones, I used some from the approved ones that fit the concept

Or the four seasons and four elements concepts:

Resubmitting images individually again without correcting the mistakes is forbidden and not tollerated, but the TOS doesn't say anything to use refused images to create a new concept or use them as a part of a new image. Some of those images that are individually rejected for "too many on the site" or "too many of the same series"etc. can be useful together ;)

2. Collages: In spite Dreamstime encourages doing this with similars, some photographers don't like to make this because they think that are giving away too many images in a single sale. In my case, it's a way to take proffit from the refused files in Dreamstime. Some of these images sell individually on other sites, but since they were rejected here, I wanted to make them useful here by making an autum collage (it has sold twice):

3. Retouch the refused image: Sometimes, after an image is rejected, you can redo it and resubmit with a note to the reviewer. This is what I did with my cofee: it was rejected as isolated in black background, so I worked on the background and resubmitted with a note. It was accepted:

4. Make a frame or a background with part of the refused image

I took the ladybug from a rejected image where the ladybug was on a leaf, isolated it and made a "ladybug border", it has sold ;)

I have made also frames isolating flowers or leaves. If you see a pretty element within the rejected image, isolate it and make a new design!

Sometimes you only need a bit of imagination to take advantage of some images. If there's nothing you can do to improve or save them, then just remove from your Dreamstime folder and move on ;)

Photo credits: Titania1980.

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August 22, 2012


Great idea! It's a new look on our work, not only images but building concept with them like with Lego parts, thank you and best wishes!

November 23, 2011


Great ideas!!! Thanks!

November 19, 2011


Perfect! Thanks a lot.

November 18, 2011


Q - what dimensions do you suggest for a frame?

November 18, 2011


i great idea

November 18, 2011


These are great ideas! I've never thought even remotely about doing something like that. you are a very creative thinking woman. Thanks for sharing this with us. :)

November 17, 2011


Great Idea!!! Thanks for sharing

November 17, 2011


This blog article is wonderfully explained and totally inspiring. You have shared something that will be of great use to us all. Thank you. Best thing I have seen in ages.

November 17, 2011


it is very useful to me ,thanks for sharing with us ,you are smart.

November 09, 2011


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November 09, 2011


Hi David! I dropped down my exclusivity because I was having many rejections and I thought that all those images was useless since I couldn't send them to other pages. I tried with other pages and it has been a year now. I have been doing pretty well on 2 or 3 other sites so my incoming has increased. On another hand, DT exclusivity is the best exclusivity option in all the miscrostock sites ;)

November 08, 2011


Why did you decide to be non exclusive at Dreamstime ? Can you say anything on the decision and how it has worked out. David.

November 06, 2011


thanks for sharing your ideas

November 06, 2011


Thank a lot for your suggestion and you opinion :)

November 05, 2011


You are welcome ^^ the idea is revamp them in order to make them sellable in another form :)

November 05, 2011


WOW! thanks :) my rejected crane pictures is approved in a border form :)

November 04, 2011


very nice!

November 03, 2011


Fantastic ideas, congrats!

November 03, 2011


Good Tips, Thanks

November 03, 2011


Thanks for the tips. Interesting. :-)

November 02, 2011


Tips are really worthy.And your ideas are very creative.


November 01, 2011


Nice! Very useful ideas, thanks.

October 31, 2011


Very useful method. Thanks to share, very creative!

October 31, 2011


Innovative thinking.

October 30, 2011


WOW too good
thanks for shearing :)

October 30, 2011



October 30, 2011


Excellent ideas! Great thanks!!! Nice works!

October 29, 2011



October 28, 2011



October 27, 2011


Excellent ideas!

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