Some interesting

Tired with my paper writing, so come here to find some interesting photos. Searched "nothing" as a keyword. Here are what i get:)

We have nothing to see, nothing to hear, and nothing to listen to?

there is nothing in the desert except sand... but beautiful

terrible moment, nothing left in the wallet!!

Hungry? But there is nothing to take...

© Leaf
even no soup today!

© Leaf
So this is nothing big?

What are your holding man... nothing

nothing... nothing......

god's book. nothing normal people can read!

© Jklune
welllllllllllllll this is a beautiful and sexy nothing!

Photo credits: Abimages, Dušan Zidar, Erik Reis, Jborzicchi, Joe Klune, Tyler Olson, Millan, Toxawww, Winterling.

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Good theme


great, amazing what images you can produce that mean 'nothing!'


Now i really understand wen my friend used to say less is more. too good blog, u made me smile


Nothing can often be very much something! Thanks for the good laugh. :)


hehehe cool! :)


Good Idea :)


:) :) :) Great comments! Thank you! I can't stop laughing for the last one! LOL

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