Some may call me CRAZY - Experiments gone wild!


First of all some explanation for the heading.

I am currently testing the lengths of what my new toy (macro rails) can achieve.

While none of the initial tests are stock worthy, i believed it would be of benefit to share my initial findings.

Hence the reason these images are being housed on flickr (no point wasting our reviewers' time with test images)

Flickr Set Link

Candle Burning 1

Candle Burning 2

Candle Before The Burn

Padlock Stacked


The Candle images are the crazy in my experiment. To test the fine tune control of the rails, I placed a macro filter ring (for lack of a better name) onto my Sigma 105mm Macro lens.

I really cant be sure exactly what sort of magnification I was dealing with, but what left the camera was what i believe rather close.

Secondly i would like to send out a thanks to Loveliestdreams for letting us know about Combine ZM. Two tests were done, the Thermometer and the Padlock.

Photo credits: Paul Moore.

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