Some motivation to keep uploading?

Abstract Street

If you are slightly competitive like me, you need some motivation every now and then to keep uploading.

Dreamstime provides the perfect tool for those of you who are competitive by nature. You can search photographers in your country, state, even your town. I did a search and found only 13 photographers in the whole of Australia with more downloads than me. And 2 of them are really close to my downloads.

Thank you note

This has given me the drive to load more photos and see if I can reach number 11 in a short time.

Perhaps there is someone around your downloads or uploads you want to compete with. Make it a fun and enjoyable job of seeing if you can beat someone.

If they are in your local area, maybe you could meet up and do a shoot together, maybe their images give you some ideas yourself.

Fish and Chips

Photo credits: Alex Hinds, Ben Goode, Ye Liew.
  • Litifeta
  • Brisbane, Australia
I also do artistic work for T Shirt designs.

Enjoying my time here at DT and looking forward to getting more quality.

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August 15, 2008

Hehe, this is a funny idea, something I might check out in the future. (People in my area vs me.) I tend to get motivation from myself...I look at what I have done in the past and try to beat it, try to do better. I also set goals as to how many images to have up by a certain date, etc. I go through phases where I do nothing for awhile, and others when all I do is upload, upload, upload. Fun blog anyway. :)


August 07, 2008

great idea :) sometimes I give myself extra motivation :)


August 07, 2008

Another suggestion is to try to beat your own high score for monthly upload using the info available on the "Account statistics" page.


August 07, 2008

good idea, i need more motivation to upload!!


August 07, 2008

thats a nice thing, if your images sells lol
ans english is not my first language so keywords are difficult than :(
but let me see if there is someone in the netherlands, except the 2 I already know and in or around amsterdam :)