Some tips for photographing children

Some things I know so far for photographing children and I thought to share since editorial children photos became somewhat popular in my portfolio

Of course after taking the permission of their parents however most photos I took were at charity events so their parents or mom was with the children and were happy to take photos of them so it was ok to take photos

Feel free, find the child in you, be free play with the kids have fun, get to know them and spend sometime with them before taking photos, or showing the camera also tell them some advice on how to use the camera if they are interested, you can show them how to use the camera because kids always like to try new things maybe they will like to try to take a photo and maybe u can show them how and let them take some photos with camera carefully with your help because its usually heavy for the child

Most children like to make poses and like others to take photos of them while posing or make funny facial expressions that's the best moments also in a group of little children friends boys or girls, brother and sister or friends of the same age group usually very sincere photos come out

When your heading to a place to photograph children always Try to keep with you candies sweets or toffee to give to the children, always natural reactions and facial expressions are the best in photos

Also to be at the same level with the children's height, that is important for the photo to come out correct in case of portrait. kneeling ,bending on the knee to be at the same level or height of the child's face, don't look or photograph the kid from above, from a higher level, the child will not feel comfortable and also the dimensions will look weird then. Some photographers do that on purpose to show something in the picture

also make sure to use a lens that won't change the dimensions of the face or make it stretched out like the 18-mm lens

close ups portraits turned out the best when i was close to the kids face

After taking the photos and heading back try to print out the best photos that came out and visit the same place again sometime later to give the children their photos it is going to be a great gift. it might draw a smile on the child face

Kids in Egypt

A woman painting a girls face at charity event

portrait of happy children in charity event

Young Egyptian boy

Portrait of a brother and sister children close up at charity event in giza, egypt

Portrait of happy chilren playing and laughing, street background in giza, egypt

Boys on streets of Giza

Portrait of egyptian children in chairty event

Photo credits: Guernica.
  • Guernica
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June 23, 2015

Nice work. Children are one of the best object of photography. Their innocence can always be captured in the photo. Thanks for the blog!


June 23, 2015

Beautiful work and blog, congratulations!


June 23, 2015

very good tips


June 18, 2015

Yes, Capturing children's activities and emoticons are as difficults as capturing the birds. They both moving so fast. :) The more you get friendly to them, the more you'll get the best smile of them. I learn this method when I was a teacher in kindergarden. ^_^ Best wishes on sales Guernica..


June 17, 2015

Great set and amazing photos. Thank you for the advice on working with children. Keep up the good work :)


June 17, 2015

Thanks for posting. Some good things to think about regarding the photos. And great info about connecting with the kids by talking to them, treats to give them and prints of their photos! You've got some great photos too!


June 17, 2015

Thanks for sharing!


June 17, 2015

Good article and nice images! What you said are very useful for everyone who like to take picture about the children.