Somebody get the phone!

If you happen upon a vintage telephone for a cheap price at a garage sale, rummage sale or flea market, you might want to buy it. I went to an estate sale recently and saw a bunch of old phones, but didn't think to buy them at the time. I went back the next day, and this one was the only one left. ...but I was able to buy it at half price, just $1. As you can see, I've taken several photos from various angles and with various backgrounds to result in what I think turned out to be interesting photos. Make sure your phone and photos are unique, since there are already over 40,500 images of telephones online, and nearly 1,400 of them "vintage telephones."

Photo credits: Dana Kenneth Johnson.

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Really nice shots! The sad thing is that I remember these phones very well. Just another sign of getting older. Good luck with sales.

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