Something about hummingbirds

Ruby Throated Hummingbird / Rufus Hummingbird

I saw a blog post recently about hummingbirds and wanted to share a little insight onto the work that goes on behind capturing these kinds of images. Its now nighttime, the only part of the day I can seem to get away from the camera, edit photographs and go over my adventures and share them with all of you!

Early morning start as the sun peaks the hillside and breaks the shadow of the mountain. A morning without coffee is not a good morning at all, with cup in hand and camera equipment over shoulder its time to head on out to the feeders. Positioned in such a way that the very best light will hit my subjects and make them look pretty. Oh they are fast and very hard to track! Freezing the motion is another challenge altogether. Morning light is amazing and soft but as mid day approaches the sun becomes harsh and well unflattering to say the least. However most people would give up at this point, go take a break and wait for sunset. I continue to push on! Paying attention to my light I find a little shade for the feeder and if there is no shade make sure I shoot with the sun behind my subject. Making use of a camera flash to fill in the shadows when shooting with the sun behind or lighting the little birds altogether when they are in the shade. A couple of hours go by and I'm still sitting there waiting and watching Its amazing what you will see come through your own backyard once you spend 11 hours in the same spot.

Today I captured two raccoon's out in the open, "caught in the act" is all I can say! It must be because its valentines day! Love is in the air and all! Ironic as it is if you put the time in you are rewarded for your work.

As the sun starts to set the perfect light comes back once again and maybe you have been rewarded with a great day filled with cooperative subjects. At the very worst you spent your day outside and taking in the fresh air but are determined to get up once again go out with coffee and camera in hand and keep searching for that next perfect capture!

If you don't believe me on the raccoon check out this irony for yourself!

Photo credits: Michael Rowlandson.

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