Something was wrong from the beginning......

Last weekend I decided to go on the mountains with my friends, it was for the first time this year.

© Ljupco
© Ljupco

It wasn’t Friday 13th, but all went wrong from the start. :D

First of all, we caught the train at the last moment and we got on the wrong coach, Saturday we went the wrong way, (just once) and what normally takes 3 hour to walk, we made it in 5 hours. Also on Saturday we saw a bear with its cubs ( it was a scary experience). The next day we started on a wrong foot, again, we lost the right track for three times in a row, and after 5 hours of walking we finally found the road from where we caught a bus which drove us right to the railway station. Fortunately, the train had half an hour delay. Hungry as we were, we ate some fast food and finished exactly as the train arrived.

It wasn’t for the first time when we went to the mountains, but still we left unprepared because we thought that it will be an easy trip.

We didn’t even have a map or knife with us. The last thing that we would have needed was a storm. All this aside, it was a very funny escapade from the urban crowd.

On the 6th of June, we plan to go in Fagaras, Negoiu Peak.This time I will personally manage the trip and the quartering at the chalet. I hope everything will be ok and we’ll get on the peak.

Photo credits: Emicristea, Ljupco, Andrey Kiselev, Rechitan Sorin.

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Hey Andreea, I love going on mountains. I'm from Maramu (you know, where the tuica is the best :)), and I know when you go on mountains nothing is how it supposed to be.


:)))) Hi Andreea,
if there wasn't something strange with your trip, you wouldn't remember it! So, we're waiting for the next trip story :)


One thing I know, no matter how many times you have been out in the wilderness and nothing has happend, always be prepared. Good luck with your next trip, and lets see some photos.

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