Something you might look at but miss always

This is really possible and please do not say I made a big topic. :-P There are lots of things we look at everyday but never noticed its meaning inside!

Let's look into the below picture which shows you one of the pair of Hua Biao.

© Lhj

The obelisk marble columns engraved with entwining dragons and clouds. This kind of ornamental architecture is called Hua Biao. However, have you ever noticed its top??? Allow me to show you another picture with more close-up details.

© Lhj

The lion-like creature superimposed on top of the Hua Biao column is called a Hou. According to legend, it is a Heavenly Dog whose duty it is to maintain order in the cosmos. The Hou stands on a dew-collecting tray under which there is a stylized cloud that symbolizes the delineation between Heaven from Earth.

The writhing dragon on the Hua Biao represents the imperial power of the Son of Heaven, or emperor. The eight-sided pedestal symbolizes the solid foundations of the earth. On the top of the railings there are a number of creatures called Suan Ni, or children of the dragon, a symbol of imperial good fortune.

So, you see, there is really something we missed for quite a long time, right? :-) Have fun, buddies!

Photo credits: Huijie Li.

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October 09, 2008


Many thanks, Ms. 20D!
Lots of time we really need to slow down and look around to enjoy the view or even just the wind. What do you think?

October 09, 2008



October 09, 2008



October 08, 2008


All our lives are very busy and we often overlook many of the intricate details offered to us. Thank you for sharing some very interesting cultural information.

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