Sometimes it pays to 'go equipped'

Over the last six months I have started going everywhere with a camera hidden somewhere on me or in my bags. Travelling on business doesn't always give you the opportunities for images you'd like but sometimes it does.

I was in London earlier in the year with a friend meeting at Canary Wharf. Over coffee I mentioned I was interested in photography and as he knew the head of security at One Canada Square arranged there and then for me to get onto the roof of London's tallest building. Luckily I had my camera (unfortunately as it was a bright day I didn't have my circular polariser) and here are a couple of the resulting images.

Panoramic View of London

The Millenium Dome

Not long afterwards I was at a meeting with a client and he asked me if I had some spare time as he had a ticket to go to the World Track Cycling Event at the Velodrome in London's Olympic Village. I hadn't been to the Olympic Village before and jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately I only had a couple of prime lens with me but still had a great time taking images of people who will be competing in the Olympics later this year.

Racing at the Velodrome

British Cycling Team

Racing at the Velodrome

I am sure I could have done the subjects better justice had I had more time to prepare but it proves that being ready at all times with your camera can pay off.

Photo credits: Mark Eaton.
  • Mark6138
  • Farnborough, United Kingdom

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April 28, 2012

nice article well done


April 27, 2012

Many of my big sellers are taken when I just happened to have a camera with me. My first little pocket pentax has paid for itself at least 10 times over with sales, I now always have an old dSLR in the car [Canon 20d with 17-40L] and a Canon S90 in my pocket.


April 26, 2012

Great shots. I never leave home without some sort of camera, even if just going for a walk I at least take the little one that fits in my pocket. You never know what you might come accross.


April 26, 2012

You're right, congratulations, great images.


April 26, 2012

Yes very true, all my best opportunities seem to be when I am camaraless ha ha. A couple of great visits for you resulted in some great photos. Great views of London, seldom seen.