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© Bhutri
© Bhutri
© Bhutri
Tamang community under the Mahayan sect of Buddhist religion, observed Sonam Lhosar across the nation this year on 24 January 2012.The meaning of 'Lho' in Tibetan language is ‘year’ and 'Sar' means ‘new’. Sonam Lhosar is the celebration of Tamang's new year.Tamangs are the ancient and original inhabitants of the mountains and plains of the Himalayan regions of Nepal.Tamangs celebrate their new year on the first day of new moon or in other words the very next day after the no-moon day of month of Magh (Magh Sukla Pratipada).

Tamangs from across the country celebrated 2848th New Year,'Sonam Lhosar' in Tundikhel,Kathmandu by wearing traditional dresses and organizing cultural programs. Tamangs abroad also celebrated the occasion by organising various programmes and exchanging greetings.

Photo credits: Bhutri.

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February 03, 2012


You have a very nice portfolio!

February 03, 2012


I enjoyed a look at your Portfolio. Well Done

February 03, 2012


Great to know that. Thanks.

February 03, 2012


What neat images! They are very colorful and I hope that they sell well. I so enjoy looking at all the great images we have of diverse cultures and activities from around the world. Makes me want to travel more! :)

February 03, 2012


very interesting, thank you. Happy new year to you all. :)

February 03, 2012


Very interesting pictures! I also like your portfolio that provides an image of the traditions and landscapes of Nepal.

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