Soon Its Christmas

© Espion

And there are no falling leaves, nor winter, nor snow here, in the tropics or down under.

And Christmas trees are pink.

© Espion
© Espion

And shopping malls get dressed up.

Wrapped in golden shinny material and with fancy lights.

And hung on the ceiling are red shinny baubles and golden ribbons.

© Espion

And there is also a huge plastic snowman.

Maybe it is a good time to come over here for a holiday.

And here, snowmen and palm trees, lived happily, side by side, all the year round.

Photo credits: Lawrence Wee.

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October 12, 2007


what a colourful article!~ :)

October 12, 2007


I like it when people in the more tropical areas decorate palm trees with Christmas ornaments. :) It just looks so pretty and festive to me! But, that could also be because I'm used to the dark green evergreens up where I am. =D

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