Soon to reach 300 - where do I go next?

I am an older contributor but only recently I took thing a bit more serious. I had uploaded my first pics in 2009 pics and just waited to see what would happen to them. Things became interesting last year when I decided to upload more. Eventually I had more sales so I decided to keep uploading on a regular basis. My latest uploads are photos actually pictures I took in 2013 and I promise you, the best is yet to come. One thing I see certain: I just have to consistently upload more pics! The competition is against myself.

What is you approach on keywords? I still have the feeling I can do better.

How do you increase your acceptance ratio?

How do you increase your portfolio exposure?

If you have any advice, please feel free to comment bellow the pictures.



Clouds at sunset


Mud bubble ready to burst


Eagle head


The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland


Green plants, rocks and waterfall composition

Photo credits: Raul Baldean.
Raul Baldean
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  • Raulbaldean
  • Cluj-napoca, Romania

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September 23, 2015

Thanks! Does sharing on social media help?


September 23, 2015

Well done. Very nice photos. Time will teach you every thing. Just read carefully the reasons why your image is refused. Do not upload same kind of images. Choose your best image to upload. This may help increasing your acceptance ratio. Share your selected photos on social media. Best wishes