soooo what's your brand?

ok, we all know that human beings are totally creatures of habit.

if not, i am missing something when i go to the supermarket to see people pushing their way to grab the same candies, carpolish, detergent,etc.

granted there are exceptions, but in order to succeed not to be a creature of habit or brand faithful, you could be like my associate , she turns off the volume each time advertisement comes on. lol.

or better still, you could be like me, threw away my TV 15 years ago. i moved so much since i travel alot, that i decided after throwing away 5 previous TVs that i don't want to add more to the world garbage dump, lol. so i decided against replacing the materialistic things i gave up each time i move. so much so that the only thing i have left is my computer, my photo equipment and my clothes.

so, going back to brand faith or , if you prefer.

marketing people know that to succeed you have to create an image, or a , so your buyers could identify with you. or better, an icon or logo , so your buyers can idolize it. eg. porsche, mercedez, rolls royce,etc all have their metallic idols for us to worship, lol.

coming to the end of this new topic of my blog.

i repeat what my title said, not worrying too much of sounding like a scratch vinyl or a rap music singer, or the most original of repetition, an echo.

sooooo, what's your brand?


HAPPY EASTER in advance to all . and wish me more sales at Dreamstime!!! oh, of course, you too ! heh!heh!.

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There is only one brand I need .... Canon!



I'm no more brand conscious, anything I'm comfortable with, I go with it, right from my daily necessary things to everything.