A sort of a change in plans...

Well, when I packed my bags and prepared my climbing gears, I was looking forward to climbing the Himalayas, or at least one peak...and not all due to time constraints and reasons.

However, when I reached Tibet, after struggling for quite a while to get a five-days pass, I got kind of ill, because of food, cold and wet climate, an amount of factors contributed to my feeling too lousy to climb. I managed to climb as high as 5,000m and took some wonderful images. I walked around Lhasa, again taking photos and enjoying Tibet as much as possible.

The next group was scheduled to leave on the 1st of October and return from the Ama Dablam on the 29th of October which kind of left me in the air taking into account that my return ticket is due on the 16th. The authorities advised me to join a group rather than exploring on my own and wait as there have been tremendous snowfalls in India and Tibet with one dead and 100 persons missing – details here . Not to mention demonstrations and conflicts at the borders.

I am well, safe and sound but as disappointed as I can be considering the situation. I had planned for one year to get there only to bury my plans under tons of paperwork, documents and unplanned illness. But all can be well when it ends well and there are always alternatives. So, I have decided to follow the course of my first passion, photography, and take advantage of the fact that I am about to visit and roam two very beautiful and picturesque countries, India and China. Hope to return at least loaded with tons of interesting images and adventures. I am positive that this will turn out according to my expectations as globe trotting with your camera can be the most wonderful experience for a photographer. I know most of you will agree, if not envy me :P, on this.

Photo credits: Alexey Bannykh.

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October 10, 2007


Now I can relax. I was sure your return date was the 8th of October and started to worry ...

October 06, 2007


Told you about the food...........you played brave, fine by me. Got your chair ha ha ha. So I guesssss, you freezing up there and me inheriting your comfortable leather chair is out of the question now! mannnn, and I had all my hopes and bets on that!

October 02, 2007


Thank God you are OK. This reminds me of a climbing trip some ...hundreds of years ago in Poeni, near Aiud. It took me almost an hour to pass a difficult passage and to climb a rope length. We decided to rappel down and went mushroom picking that we ended up roasting on a scrap metal sheet using margarine. I am by no means trying to compare that experience to the one you had. What I am trying to say is you need to know when to let go and move on. At least in the Himalayas, this could be the difference between life and death. Use the tzuica to get you stomach back in business and enjoy the countries photographically. Can't wait to see the pictures. All the best.

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