Source of inspiration for food photographers

For those of us who are keen on food photography, work of Lou Manna, famous NY photographer, is the great source of inspiration without doubt.

On his website you'll find two galleries with fantastic colorful food images (great lighting and closeup!), as well as a blog where he gives some useful advices with illustrations.

And although in my work I prefer not to use glycerin and Elmer's glue (but you know unfortunately I'm not Lou Manna yet :-( ), the idea to use a metal skewers heated over an open flame or just an electric charcoal starter to create the effect of grill marks on meat not going out a studio seems to me interesting. :-)

Not being able to illustrate the post with Lou Manna's photos, I've done it with mine ones. Hope, you wouldn't mind...

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July 03, 2009


Yeah, Larry, you're right! And Ice Cream is actually the most uncertain product, it melts in seconds! I know somebody makes it also from mashed potatoes beating it with caster sugar...

July 03, 2009


I used to work in a studio that did a lot of food photography. There are many tricks to use. Crisco for Ice Cream! A blow torch to brown a raw turkey, then throw it in the trash after the shoot. Marbles in the bottom of a soup bowl to raise the ingredients to the top, etc. Many more!


July 02, 2009


Great shots!

July 02, 2009


Great shots and I really enjoyed seeing the work of Lou Manna. Thanks

July 02, 2009


Thank for sharing! she really has a good blog and amazing photos.

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