South-east Asia

Hi everyone!

I'm planning to have a longer trip to south-east Asia for holidays, namely Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore. Besides the main attractions I would like to have a view to other than these well known places. Therefore I would like to ask all of you for suggestions and explanations why your suggestion is worth to have a look at. Thanks a lot!

Photo credits: Cristalloid.

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February 22, 2010


Hi! i have been several times in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and singapore. If you go in north Vietnam i can recommand you a very good guide to make a little treck away from the tourists. and well this little box is too small to list all of the wonders of eastern asia!:) dont hesitate to write me

February 07, 2010


Cant give you any travel tips as I have never been to these places, however, I am sure your trip will be amazing and you will get plenty photo opportunities.

February 06, 2010


this year by september i have plan to go Nepal 14 days for Photograhy,any advice?

February 06, 2010


congratulations on your trip, just a word of advice, for your camera bag do an extra waterproof coating (the humidity can get brutal and leak into your gear) also keep some ziplock bags (large enough for all bodies and lenses) also if you a new bag make it look old and non interesting (pick pockets and thieves look for new items also if you have a lowepro consider using a magic marker to cover the orange logo) just be aware and be safe. to alot of people what is contained in your bag is worth more then they make in a year

February 06, 2010


I wish I could go along to carry your gear!

February 06, 2010


I just came back from Cambodia, the Ankor Wat is wonderful. Enjoy your time there.

February 06, 2010


wish you have a good time.

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