The South sea of China

Southeast China known as the South China Sea region, there are two different range and name, Chinese South Sea is purely geographical area, the South China Sea sovereignty is China region, South Sea Chinese nine line field.

1. the South Sea Chinese:

International known as: South China Sea. Area: 3 million 650 thousand square kilometers.

Range: northeast to Taiwan, southwest to the Singapore Strait, South to Indonesia Padang island and Belitung Island (leading to the Java Sea),, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Peninsular Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam around.

Naming rules: a South Asian and East Asian Seas crown name, is the geographical indications: the sea of Japan, East China Sea, the Philippines sea, South China Sea, the bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean.

Islands: the nine segment lines within the four islands, and the line of Indonesia Natuna islands, anambas islands, light Meilan islands, Badong islands, Malaysia Tioman islands, Vietnam Kunshan islands, and so on.

2. the South China Sea China:

Name: The South Sea of China, or China'South Sea.

The South China Sea Area: 3 million 500 thousand square kilometers. [1]

Range: U nine section line within the waters of the South China Sea belong to China.

Sovereignty: China establishes the sovereignty of the islands in the nine section of the line and its affiliated waters.

Islands: Dongsha Islands, Paracel Islands, the Dongsha Islands, Spratly Islands.

When the Han Dynasty and the northern and Southern Dynasties, the South China Sea was called the sea, boiling sea, after the Qing Dynasty gradually learned that the South China sea. During the reign of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty in China began to large scale use of the South China Sea, in the Song Dynasty in the Chinese maritime developed, Nansha islands into the territory of China. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the level of management was deeper, the Chinese fishermen even built a water well on some islands, such as the island of China.

October 2015 28 announced the Anglo American naval navigation old records, to the position of a third party to prove: the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, only Chinese fishermen throughout southern China Sea the reefs, and in some islands perennial life.

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