The Spambots Found Me

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For about 3 years, I have used one particular emal address for online purchases, like those from major retailers. The address was also used for a few email newsletters, like one from an architecture news site I favor. Well, all was going along well with this address until recently. It seems the maibots have found me. I am now starting to get the junk mail fof the Verify Your Bank Account Immediately variety, along with the usual lot of spammers and scammers. The source? I think a political site in the USA where I stupidly signed up for a newsletter using that address. Luckily, my private and primary email is still secure.

So what happens next? Well, I'll see how bad it gets. If I get bombarded again, I'll slowly shift my online commerce identities to a new address. What an exercise in sheer frustration, and a complete wast of time, trying to clear this junk out everyday. I abhor these entities that prey on unknowing people. Share your junk mail stories if you like!

Dark side of the internet

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March 23, 2008

I have unfortunately come to regard spam as part of my environment... kinda like trash on the street. I pick it up and throw it away, but I don't study it (usually).

BTW, Yahoo seems to do a pretty good job of distinguishing trash from good emails. While it doesn't catch everything, I usually only have 1 or two genuine spams a day there. And I've had that Yahoo address for more than 10 years, and use it for everything!


March 22, 2008

I think the greatest source of spam and junk mail comes from forwarding chain emails. The ones who start all these chain letters with promises of riches or threats of destruction just sit back and wait for them to come around so that they now have a whole list of valid email addresses. If you must forward email, copy and past the part you want to send into a new email to send, if everyone did that, I think the spam would be cut in half.