Spanish Missions

Ever since my first trip to the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas I have sparked an interest in Spanish Missions. While living in Texas my husband and I traveled several time to San Antonio for the Alamo and for several other places in the city.

A few years back we moved to California and I was excited to hear that California was home to 21 Spanish Missions but it took me a few years to even visit on of them. I always said I would visit them but never seemed to get a chance until recently. After joining up with Dreamstime I realized now is the time for me to start visiting these Missions and photographing them.

So far I have visited 4 out of the 21 Spanish Missions along the El Camino Real but have only photographed 3 of them. One of these days I would love to see all 21 missions but it would probably take me several years since they are scattered throughout the State of California and I would have to schedule those visits with a vacation.

Here are some of the photos from the Missions:

Mission Santa Clara de Asis Info

Mission San Juan Bautista Info

Mission San Carlos Borrome Del Rio Carmelo Info

Photo credits: , Susan Pettitt.

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Sounds like a wonderful experience!
Great photos :-)
looking forward to see them all (at least through your lens:-)


Great shots! I couldn't help but think, (after clicking on the links for the mission's sites), That those websites really need to buy your images because they are so much better than the ones they have. Good luck in your travels.


Thanks everyone :)

@ Karenkh I was not into photography when I lived in Texas so I never got a chance to photograph the Alamo and the other mission in San Antonio but hopefully some day I can get back there cause I would love to photograph them.


I have been to San Antonio many times. I've visited the missions as a child and had the opportunity to take my children to the Alamo a few years back. I hope to get there again, with camera in hand. They really are some beautiful places.

Great job on your photos, look forward to seeing more.


Great images and a wonderful list of places to visit! Cheers, Marilyn


Scheduling vacations is not an easy thing in my household so that is why it will take me a few years to most likely see them all. There is a possible 6 more that I can photograph without taking a vacation but I need to check into how far away they are and wait on days that are beautiful which right now we do not see many blue sky days.


I would schedule those vacations if I were you. Those are some awesome images.

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