Spark that creativity

Sometimes you just do not have it in you. It won't come out, it won't even begin to form. I have come to find out that more often than not we are putting the block on ourselves. We have these high expectations of always performing perfectly and when we sense, even for a second, that we won't...our war on ourselves begin.

We suffocate our inspiration completely by giving up too early and doing the opposite of what we should. What we REALLY should do is to find out why we're having this block, what's causing it. Then taking that and turning it into our advantage. Any emotion in the world can be a huge source of inspiration, boredom, stress, hurt, frustration, sadness. Embrace it instead of trying to deny it, only then can you use it and even turning it into a resource for yourself. Something that can make both your creativity and soul lighter. As cheesy as it sounds, people are multi layered. We aren't even close to being black and white, we have an entire world going on inside of us, and sometimes we let one part of it completely swallow and cripple us.

These parts I'm going to talk about are just a few ideas to get you going, you are quickly going to find things that work for you. The main thing is the attitude. If you want something badly enough, I'm a firm believer that you can get it. If you want that darn spark back, then go for it!

Challenge yourself:

Get your creative juices going by spicing them up a bit. Is there something you always wanted to try but are scared to? Who cares if the result doesn't turn out the way you planned it in your head, at least you tried it. It can turn out worse, it can turn out better. Art is a reflection of life, it won't always be the way you planned it, and we don't truly want that either. Never tried black and white photography? Nature photography? Infrared? Photoshop playing? A simple thing as just switching angles on your camera can be enough! You do not have to take giant steps all the time, a tiny one will get you moving!

Be playful:

This can go hand in hand with challenging yourself. If you play it up, experiment, try different things, you will eventually trip over something that fits you great. You may not find it right away but every part of practicing and experimenting is a lesson all in itself. It does not have to give you the perfect picture TODAY, or even EVER. You're stimulating your brain and heart, your desire for art. It doesn't have to result in anything more than that all the time. Art to me is about so many things, including personal growth and expression, many times healing as well. If one of my close encounters with my own heart doesn't result in something I can hang on my wall I won't cry any tears for it. What might look like crap to others can be art to YOU. And that's the only thing that matters.

Create art in every aspect of your life:

Maybe your favorite tool is a camera, clay or a paint brush. That's great, but why limit yourself? Art is what you make of it. Watching a sunset is just as much art for your soul as a picture can be for your eyes. Every second that goes by is YOUR second. You can choose to capture it or learn from it. You can choose to let it flow by and enjoy it in silence. You can hunt after it, knock it on its shoulder and ask why it had to be so confusing (I wouldn't recommend that, chances are it won't answer)

The point is that every little thing that happens to you can be a huge source of inspiration, if you only know how to look at it. Your surrounding can prove to be a huge source of inspiration, the people around you, the animals, even that lonely plant outside your window or today's weather. Go a little further, a little deeper. There's things under the surface that 99 percent of people never discover.

Monthly/weekly/daily theme:

So you're having a little trouble knowing where to start. Why not play it up a little and give yourself a theme that you're free to interpret in any way you feel like? Don't just say "trees". Give yourself some room to grow and play. Now you are forced to get up on your butt and create! Many times the creativity comes flying back to you after awhile after you force yourself to think for a bit. Many times you don't have to look far, it comes hitting you on the head instead. You can also think about your favorite subject or method and so on, and ask yourself how you can spice it up instead? How you can take it one step further?

Surround yourself with art:

Go to a museum, read a book, even try out a new recipe! (watching Friends on TV does not count) there's no limits, art can be found anywhere! ( Friends on TV) Take a walk in the forest, plan a family trip to the beach. Buy a photography magazine, give your room a makeover. If you have a partner....go kiss him/her. Love is our hearts most treasured piece of art.

One new thing every day!:

That's right, challenge yourself for something new and fresh every day. Like I talked about, art is a lot more than taking a picture so it doesn't have to always involve a camera. Or a paint brush. It's stimulation for the spirit. The most inspirational thing for me is to make myself a better person, day by day...If I can clean up my life, grow in myself, and make both me and the people around me happier while at the same time improving my art, then why not?? This is similar to "a good deed every day" it helps both you and others at the same time. Many times an amazing opportunity can show itself out of nowhere. Maybe after helping that sweet lady over the street you get permission to take a picture of her smiling face? Whatever it is you do, the chance are that it will start a creative process inside of you. It will inspire you, give you new ideas and areas to explore. Maybe in ways you never even thought about before. Life IS art and helping our fellow humans (and don't forget those animals) is a lot like blending those colors together on a canvas. You will need to in order to get a harmonic picture. Every time you smile at a stranger on the add an extra brush stroke on your canvas. And the canvas of your life is the most beautiful painting you will ever create. So treasure it.

Turn the bad into good:

My favorite thing to do is to take that one thing that has really been bugging me and bringing me down and take control of it through my own art, mind and heart. This can many times be extremely challenging at first, but by the end I always see it in a new light. A less threatening light. A more beautiful light. By creating art out of it I create strength for myself. I become the owner of my hurt instead of the other way around.

What are you waiting for? Get up and create some great art!:)

Photo credits: Summerrain.

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Haha I don't think he would like that very much!:D


That can help a lot actually, another good tip!


Another article about creativity and inspiration, thanks. It is that time of the year for some who hit the wall after the frenzy of the holidays. But, no Friends? Come on--that's just too cruel! Also, my husband is sick..can I kiss someone else?


So true - just as writers get writers block, so do we. It usually doesn't last that long. I try to do more boring things, more non-creative aspects of my job while I am feeling creatively defunct.

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