If you like street photography, you should not miss a very special day in a year - the City (Birth)Day! There’re usually many different events for children and adults scheduled, and a lot of chances for photographers to take bright photos of happy people, streets beautifully decorated, musicians performing on stage, children having fun and many more! Photographing public holidays is really a good practice of street photography, and here are some tips you might find useful if you decide to go and photograph the City Day celebrations.

1. Study the celebration program in advance and choose several locations to visit during the day or two (in some towns celebration lasts for the whole weekend). Take with you all the equipment you might need for different events (including a tripod for evening fireworks!).

2. Try to attend one or two official events – mayor’s speech, military parade etc. It’s good to have photos of famous people in your portfolio, isn’t it? On the other day they might be not so easy to reach and photograph, but the City Day can bring you a good opportunity to come closer to politicians and officials and take some not-strictly-official live photos of them.

3. Create compositions which include obvious signs of celebration – flags, city emblems, balloons etc. You’ll have no issue in finding those signs everywhere, and the editor reviewing your picks will have no problem judging that the photos are indeed reflecting the celebration.

4. Take panoramic pictures of the main street of the city and other famous landmarks. On the City Day they might look rather unusual. For example, a street normally full of cars stuck in a traffic jam might be crowded by people walking in the middle of the road; or the mayor’s office building can be hidden behind the big stage with balloons, and finding the right angle can result in a funny unusual picture of the building which many people have photographed before.

5. Catch emotions of ordinary citizens walking on the street, applauding to musicians or watching fireworks. This will create a true live picture of the celebration!

6. Have fun and enjoy the celebration yourself! It’s great to observe the fun and fix it with the camera, but’s also exciting to hide your camera into the bag for a while and go dancing or participate in a song contest! This changing activity break will surely bring you lots of inspiration and creative ideas. That’s what I’m wishing to all of you!


Photo credits: Ekaterina Bykova.

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