A special day , five 1s !

Five 1s : 1/11/11

11th of January, 2011

This day is a special day, it will only happen for the next 100 years..

The current assignment also due on this day..

I am so glad that my assignment file has finally been accepted.

At first, an inspiration has come to my mind: A hand holding an egg shell and a germinated plant come out from the shell with background of cloud sky. I am so happy I really get what I want.

Let me briefly explain how I did it.

First, I plant a green bean and wait until it germinate, then shoot it.

The hand is my own hand. I actually holding a ball. Before shooting, I set my camera to self timer mode with a tripod, and put a mirror behind the camera so that I can see my hand in the Live view screen. I adjust my hand angle and shooting with many attempts until getting the right feel. The egg shell is taken with the same lighting direction....

After cutting, pasting and putting all together with photoshopping, finally, here is the product.

Hope you like it!

Photo credits: Woo Bing Siew.

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Well done! Mine failed but I'm looking forward to the next one!


Im looking forward to Nov. 11 this year :) I hope I have to write lots of cheques that day!

Ya, that day even more special, Six 1s :)


Image is brilliant......... but corresponding date in UK is 11/01/11 not 1/11/11 that's how we write it ! David.


I'm looking forward to Nov. 11 this year :) I hope I have to write lots of cheques that day!


Nice! Congratulations and good luck


Great photo! Congratulation and Good luck! :)


Congratulations! :)




Very nice concept and execution! Hope you`ll get one of the 3 prizes :)
Good luck!


Congratulations! great images


congrats and mine failed...

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