Special Effects Software

Like many people I have been intrigued by special effects achieved with software editing applications that can enhance your photos. Will the effects make the photo better or worse? The only way to find out is to apply the effect. Be sure to work from a copy of your original photo in case the effect does not work or save under a different name from your original. I have tried combining photos, using painting special effects and using reversal color special effects. Reversal color special effects often converts a photo to a blue color or a combination of two colors like blue and purple. Other effects include software that renders your photo with a variety of three different colors. Photos can take on an abstract quality making them more interesting like for example a blue Eiffel Tower or rainbow colored Louvre Museum. Or maybe ordinary flowers can take on a rich blue color.

Chances are that many photographers have access to this software as they may already have the software bundled with the purchase of a new camera. Otherwise the software can be purchased for a variety of prices depending upon features. A basic version of editing software may include some special effects. Sometimes software developers offer a limited number of special effects free to the public. The best thing to do is give it a try and your photos can take on a new dimension. Many effects can be achieved easily and adjustment slider bars are available to fine tune your image. I hope you enjoy experimenting with special effects and that your efforts are successful.

Combination of two photos (Statue of Liberty and jet fighters)

Defending Freedom

Reversal color special effects (Landscape)

Path Through the Forest

Painting special effects (Moulin Rouge in Paris)

Impressionistic Moulin Rouge

Reversal color special effects (Eiffel Tower in Paris)

Cool Blue Eiffel Tower

Multiple color special effects (Louvre Museum in Paris)

Louvre Museum at Sunset-Rainbow Colors

Reversal color special effects (flowers)

Blue Blossoms

Multiple color special effects (Christmas tree)

Rainbow Colors of Christmas

Photo credits: Richard Gunion.

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