I wrote a post a few weeks back about my special model (my daughter).I was not going to share her secret, but after all the kind response on her photos. I decided I should. Therefore, here is her most hidden secret .She is a special needs child. From her looks, you would never know. Being an exceptional teen, she has

many obstacles to hurdle. However, it goes to show you the strength and courage these children have and roadblocks the CAN overcome. Everyone that knows her has been inspired. I love it that I can share her to the world. She has been featured in Newspapers, websites and even on posters to help other unfortunate children. I want to thank all the buyers and of course Dreamtime for giving me the opportunity to help others like my precious Daughter. Last but no way, lease my Daughter for giving me the inspiration.

Hugs and Love to you all


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PS Please do not be sad for her.She is very happy and loves to be my model.

Photo credits: Dmccale.

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Thanks Gabriel


Your daughter it is very beautiful and you got a great model,you both are special and wish you all the best!


Thank you Jenicov8 ..We are blessed.Hugs to your family and a big one for Jennifer.


Hi Debbie! I missed your blog when you first posted it almost two months ago. But as I was browsing through the blogs page and saw the title, somehow I was hinted about how special this blog of yours was. Why I thought that, I think it's because I fit the shoes you wear as the mother of this beautiful, young, very special lady! She is a natural model! My youngest daughter is also a special needs child. Special she is indeed that all her life she had brought out the best in me (and I can safely say, in my husband as well)! I like your comment about you and her making a good team as she loves being your model. I'm sure you are a team in much more than photography. God gave them to us because He knows we are the perfect match for them. You and your daughter. Me and my Jennifer, my buddy, my partner, my teammate--as God intended it to be!

I look forward to seeing more photos of her.


thanks for your comments,Yes Lcj we do make a good team.She loves being my model.Tuesday she won 3rd place in track and field special Olympics ...I am so proud of her.Elect I commend you for following your dreams..Joe thanks.That one is my favorite one.My baby hooch went to dogging heaven not to long ago.He has given me many sales.I miss him


I think she is beautiful just the way she is! I also believe that all people have worth and value and can contribute to society. I am dealing with a situation right now at my university where one of my professors is being very hard and, in my opinion, very unkind to a student with disabilities. This really bothers me. Everyone should be treated with kindness and respect. I think your daughter is "normal" in her own unique way. :)

P.S. I technically have a disability, too...I was diagnosed when I was in 3rd grade with ADD...but this has not stopped me from going to college!


It was good of you to have shared this.
I like the one Music Dogthe best


You make a good team. Keep it up!




I must write to me this your confession and sad but also happy because I know really but I know, that your child has an excellent mother. I have three children and I can only imagine how it to you. I also have a friend who has a child like you and I know that this is a very hard life but a life full of love between you. This your confession is very brave and really admire you. Let God keep you and your family and he will gives a power for future living.. A lot of greetings from me and my family. Be strong. I hope that you understand my words because my english is very bad.


Hi Debbie, it's a very inspiring post. I wish you both all the best :)


This is a beautiful story and I wish more people would read it. Maybe then less children would suffer. Your daughter is not just courageous but she is also really pretty and she looks very happy. Thanks for sharing with us.


Hi Debbie, I think that your daughter's special needs make her exceptional. She feels world in a deeper way and this can be seen in the photos, this is what makes them so natural and lovely. God bless you both!


Hi Debbie, your daughter is a beautiful model you are so lucky to have each other. I'm sure she will be able to face anything life throws at her with such a strong loving family behind her. Matt is right when he says that What "God" (takes) away, "He"enhances in another way . Best wishes to you all :) Carol


Thanks all of you are so sweet.I love this place
I wish all of you many sales


Yes you both are special, She is lucky to have a mom like you.


I have heard people say that, "God gives special needs children to special people." I can see the truth in that by your words. She is blessed to have so much love. We can share your joy and pride as we also have a special needs child in our family. God bless.


Thanks so much.I will help her read this.She will love the comments made.Her head will be even BIGGER LOL


Debbie your daughter is simply awesome & her professional attitude as a model is simply great! Wish you both all the luck!


Her pictures are cute and lovely, I wish her all the best in her life...


Your daughter is very nautral and lovely.
Like you said, if you didn't tell us, no one would know.
That's exactly the beauty of the art world. The greatest composer in classical music also had special needs. Several of the most famous rock/pop/blues musical artists and icons have special needs.
What "God" (takes) away, "He"enhances in another way.
I once worked in a special needs job to be the communication interlink,
and during the Initiation Meeting, someone asked the Team Lead whether being unable to hear was disruptive to his life. His prompt answer was (sign read to us), "Absolutely not, I am never bothered with a noisy neighbour or someone who insists on playing his car radio for all of us to listen". Most times, having been given too much can be a distraction to our own wellbeing.
I am sure your daughter has her own world that we will never be blest to discover. Give her my best Hello !

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