Special needs

This is a subject near to my heart. My 8 year old granddaughter has CP & Autism, a feeding tube, and trouble communicating. She walks with a distinct gate and sometimes wears braces. She loves to swim, jump on the trampoline, play baseball, cheerlead for her brothers basketball team.... She is a great kid, though some of her behaviors are "Different."

She is stared at, laughed at and made fun of on an almost daily basis when out in the community. Though for the most part she seems like she doesn't pay attention to these RUDE people (adults and children) she has a few times told them to quit laughing, and once in a restraint she looked at a couple of teenage boys and said "What you looking at?" They never turned around again.

I am appealing to the advisitors & designers to include these special people like my granddaughter in your work. They are part of out society. They are our children our parents our teens our babies. They wear leg braces, use wheelchairs and walkers, or canes, have feeding tubes and oxygen tanks, use communication devices, have service dogs, or day nurses. They may look different on the outside, but inside we are all the same. with hopes, dreams, feelings.

The best way to help everyone to get to know and understand these special people show them in everyday situations so that they are made part of the "Normal" society we see each day in advertising.

Also to photographers. we need MORE good photos of special children and adults.

No I do not have any photos of her on Dreamstime, but this is because she is adopted and we have to be careful, but there are other special children. Just do a search for Special needs.

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August 13, 2007


i agree with you completely! models need to make up the whole scope of life everyday as we live it.

my nephew is adopted and i have no shots of him either. but i understand the fears about it.

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