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This might not be useful to many professionals who are comfortable shooting people, but it might give hope to photographers who never were comfortable shooting models like I was, am, & will be!

It goes without saying that the first model I ever shot was family, my husband in particular as he's the most patient one. I love him for this among a million other reasons. Shooting family members is neither scary nor embarrassing in any way as photos would always have emotional value if they didn't turn out to be useful commercially.

This photo in particular is very dear for me even if it sold not once. "There would sometimes be a tempest in my heart, and to soothe me you would stroke my forehead with your hands, your archangel's hands, and speak to me in those magical words of yours about love, about things that are sacred, about tenderness, [...]" (The Tale of the Rose, Consuelo de Saint-Exupery).

Reflecting Man

Then came Venice Carnival where I went overboard shooting people... except that it didn't feel like people photography as all were masked, this made it extremely enjoyable and not stressful at all. I just had to direct the Masks to certain poses and good light positions - they knew just how to move because they were professional and wanted their photos taken to immortalize their creations. The highlight was in exchanging personal cards so that I send them their photos once back home, really kind people.

Venice Carnival 2016

Venice Carnival 2016

Venice Carnival 2016

The trip to Provence was the one that marked me the most given the many moments we shared with the locals. The following first photo is of a lovely, lively 80-year-old who agreed to dress up and dance in the lavender field near the B&B she owns. She's full of life and joy and love - a real lady. The next 2 photos are of a 14-year old who was over the moon to have her photos taken when I asked her. She went with her mom and I gave her my hats, umbrella, and various scarves... we ended up spending a delightful 3 hours in the dreamlike fields.

Dancing in Lavender Field

Overwhelmed in a Lavender Field

Through Lavender

So yes, even if I don't like taking photos of people, some moments create their own necessities and my natural shyness can be surpassed - living the moments and shooting people is an overwhelming pleasure for me that can be relived every time I look back on the photos.

Photo credits: Eliane Haykal.

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Wow Eliane, such lovely words, so much to learn in every step we take through time. We learn and evolve and for a reason things happen depending on our personalities rather than on a global scale, everyone gets affected differently. Thanks for the reflection :)


Nice! That's a very unique case! :D


Thanks Traceyvivar :) Yes, why does it happen on blogs?


Why is only a fraction of my comment being published?


Nice article, Elaine, thanks.


@Physie28, your comment made my day! I will one day shoot wildlife, it's a dream...


Fantastic photos my friend, specially the one of the lavender dance, I saw myself really encouraged by your post as I am in the same situation as you: I feel very shy taking photos of people and I am always afraid they will take it badly.. I have past from nearly exclusively shooting wildlife (which newer complains) to African people during this nearly three months now in Kenya.


@Bobbrooky: Enthusiastic and intense about the things I love!


Thanks my old friends and new ones :)


hey Eliane sorry i was busy and didn't log in great article and sweet photos Eliane!


Beautiful photos and great article! Well done Eliane! :-)


Your enthusiasm is infectious Eliane, great photos!


Nice Article! Beautiful Photos Eliane!


Great article dear Eli :)


Thank you all :)


Beautiful images and enjoyable read!


amazing stories I like the point of view which I see in the story and beautiful images


wonderful pics ;-)


Awesome images and a nice read. Tks


Both post and images are Great!


Hi Eliane, beautiful images especially the lavender field pics. A very good post, take care x


@Osmar01: Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it :)


@Patrick57: Really reluctant ^_^ Thank you, the lavender was actually very summery and the scent was so good...


@Ganesh005: Thanks!


Eliane's gaze through her camera captures images with great passion and the result is ... exciting.


The Venice carnival pictures are really very very good and I would never know you are reluctant to use models. I love the lavender images because they bring with them a lovely romantic summery feel. You take great photo's Eliane


Good one!

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