A special view with the cracked leaf

It's was a sunny morning and the ground was wet. In the corner,the moss was growing with active life. And the pathway, the pathway was covering with the high trees.

When I walked along the quiet pathway, the water on the leaves dropped on my head. And I lift my head, there was a leaf being ate and just being left the vein.

It was a so special leaf...

There were so many leaves on the morning day, but just this one attracted my attention.With the cracked leaf, I got a special view to watch the familiar area...

The long bench, if putting the leaf on it, there also was a special view and composition...

Maybe I was so familiar with the objects around me,and thought there was no interesting object. But with the cracked leaf which just being left the vein, I found another view which make a total different experience...

This cracked leaf made a perfect impression in the boring morning...

Your article must be written in English

August 27, 2017


Thank you.
Yes, if you want, you'll create great images even just arround your home.

August 26, 2017


Interesting images and a very good spot....often the little things create great images!

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Photo credits: Richard Wong.