Special Visual Angle for Photo

The 2 images attached are my favorite ones not only because they are quite explicit but also because they are my products in another angle of view compared with the big quantities of landscape pictures.

Actually, from the beginning I was not interested in the shot taken at close range, especially the partial close-up, until one day I noticed from DT that many of the feature shots are quite attractive, even some of them can give some imagination. Thus, I tried to using a special point of view to observe things around. Step by step, I notice there are 2 factors quite important when taking these special views:

1.Image shot much be clear and with a good angle

2.The scene itself better leave a blank for Imagination

Back to the attached 2 images, one of them is the window view, from the window you can touch with world outside: the fresh air, the sunshine, the garden even the windows and house facing yours. You must be quite curious on what the opposite neighbor would look like, right? See? That’s your imagination and sort of expectation by it.

The other image was shot inside the building itself, can you identify what the building is? From the preliminary impression, it’s grand iron structural engineering; Secondly, the bearing steel bars seem like wheels to be installed both sides, so that conclude its counterbalanced must be quite good. As far as the image itself, it’s really interesting for it’s also quite special view just focus on the inside detail configuration to present the whole magnificent architecture. What kind of structure can use so much iron & in so special design? Yes, it’s the tallest building in Paris- the Eiffel Tower. The shape of the building was determined by mathematical calculation involving wind resistance, no wonder why the lower section having a stronger resistance to wind forces.

So, why not try to observe stuffs with a special visual angle? and you will certainly find much interesting material worthy to shot!

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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Toneimage, Thanks for the perspective on angles. I think all of your shots are vivrant (great color management) and your subjects really jump off the screen at me. I look forward to your blog articles. Have you considered writing an article on taking pictures during the "golden hour"? Your pictures are eye popping!


nice, i liked the window shot.


I like "angle" , it is simple :)


oh,"angle” should be "perspective",it's better^^




Interesting angle on capturing images. Nice view point.

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