Speed Networking Event, Just Like Speed Dating. . .

Yesterday I attended a Speed Networking event for the very first time. The premice of Speed Networking is exactly like speed dating wherein you sit across the table from someone whom you've never met before and are given six minutes to get to know each other. Three minutes for one person to talk, and three minutes for the other to talk while giving them your undivided attention. After the six minutes is up, you move down the table and meet the next person and so on.

In one hour, I met ten super fun people who are just as interested in new business and networking as I have recently become. We all have a common goal, and achieved it in a fun and exciting way. The room was filled with people so all was a buzz of conversation, there was Never a dull moment.

I also re-connected with some I've met before, plus met one lingering contact after all was said and done. It was an all round great event and is an amazing idea for anyone interested in good quality networking where you're sure to connect, exchange, and benefit in one high quality hour. Be sure to follow up on those you've met - if you ever attend one of these Speed Networking Events.

Now having said that, I of course plug Dreamstime.com every chance I get. The 'lingering' person I met yesterday had just joined a 'stock photo' website prior to attending the Speed Networking event. Needless to say the stock photo website she joined was not Dreamstime.com. I told her my experience with stock photo websites and that is, dreamstime.com is the easiest to navigate, thus quickest to find precisely what I'm looking for when designing or simply redecorating. And, the quality of photos and composition is second to none.

Lastly, Dreamstime.com website is designed in such a manner that it too is a super networking opportunity, not only through the referring of each others photos through collections, but also via the message boards and blogs. Way to go Dreamstime!

Sherry Piatti


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