Spelling errors can go unnoticed

Strawberry raspberry mousse

Nowadays with the use of computers and real-time spell checkers. There really isn't an excuse for "making a spelling mistake". However, if you use the correct word in the wrong context, spell checkers will missed them and usually people who rely on them will also missed them. I found out I've made such an error today. Normally when my photos are accepted and become available online, I like to do a search for them. This way I can see if I can actually find my photo online to see if my keywords are appropriate and that my image falls into the same similarities as the photos in the search results. If they don't, then I figured maybe my keywords are not appropriate or may not have enough relevance.

Green dessert mousse

Today I searched for my "Strawberry Mouse" Dessert. What came up were computer mice, rodents, and such. I thought to myself, "That's weird. Why don't I see a whole page of desserts". Being a visual speller that I am, I generally spell things wrong. I looked at my search word again, and realized I've spelled my "Strawberry Mousse", "Strawberry Mouse". And when I checked the spelling on my uploads page it was also spelled incorrectly. Although I've just missed one "s", that "s" is critical for someone to find my image. This is just one example where the word is spelled correctly but the wrong word is being used.

I see this type of error all the time. So I did another search to see how many others have made errors similar to mine. I searched "desert strawberry" since I always see desert being used instead of dessert and vice versa. So it turns out there are pages with this error.

Desert Strawberry Search Results

So remember not too only rely on the Spell Checker. Also do a search an see what comes up. As well, if you have a great photo but no downloads, it may be because of a similar wording error.

Anyway, I hope this experience helps others.


Photo credits: Retina2020.
  • Retina2020
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I'm hoping I didn't offend anyone. I just wanted to point out that spelling errors or words used in the wrong context can affect the ability of designers or buyers in finding the photos. In no way was this blog meant to ridicule anyone. This blog was meant to help. If I have offended anyone, my deepest apologies. And if anyone believes that this blog is offensive, please notify the admins to remove it. Thanks.


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I do not know about other languages, but "context" is as important in English as spelling.


Eclecticelegance I myself am renown for typos. I can pretty much type a completely different word than what I am thinking. I call them wordo's since the word isn't even close to what I wanted. But precise words are critical for keywording stock photos. So definitely watch out for those wordo's :) Cheers


Very useful article! You wrote about one of my pet peeves - spelling errors. I did not used to be good at spelling early in my schooling - but I really worked on it, and now am much better. So it BUGS me when I see spelling errors (though I need to work on my accuracy in typing - I make LOTS of typos that I have to go back and correct.)


Rectify in time can,


Good point - I'm sure there are tons of examples of this in the database... HA! I just noticed I had 'folder' instead of 'folded' for a recent upload of diapers!


it's really helpful, thanks!


Good article and sorry; but I also laughed at the Strawberry Mouse! :)


Great advise -- the thought of "strawberry mouse" did make me laugh. Hey, every detail is important in helping the buyer find the right photo. These seeming small errors in spelling could easily be linked to loss of sales. Thanks for the tip!