Spending your summer holiday in september

That is what I am going to to do starting this Saturday.

Last year I spent my summer holiday in October and it was the best vacation ever, so I decided this year I will do the same.

My dream destination is a small village approximately 100km south from Barcelona, Spain.

On the holiday menu I am including:

- visits to the beautiful city of Barcelona for museum, walks, shopping for souvenirs (I know their touristic but I love them and so do my folks), aquarium, in other words, seeing what is worth seeing

- a day at a huge aqua park, the kind where you have fun on big intricate slides

- a day in Valencia at El ciudad de las artes y de las ciencias, a beautiful architectural work of well known architect (and copyright issue fella) Santiago Calatrava that includes a museum of science, an IMAX and one of the biggest aquariums in europe.

- relaxing in the backyard of the rented villa

- eating fresh fish and fruits

- taking long walks on the long beach of Cambrils

- sleeping more

- not thinking about work (if possible)

- be happy.

So why holidaying in September? Cause in Spain it's warm, and the wind is soft. Also there are a lot less people to step on your toes.

In contrast to my last year vacation which I also spent in Spain on the Tenerife Island in a rather new coastal town, this year the location is more touristic but I hope that it will be just as beautiful.

So, what do you do on your vacations, and how much of them are spent for doing stock, mine are less and less pointed in that direction. The trend is: rest, rest and more rest.

Photo credits: Alex Brosa, Ioana Grecu.

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Have a great vacation Ioana!
By the way, I will have my vacation in September/October, too, this year, and maybe they will be in Spain ;)


Creativei, some of us do, but there is a lot of people that just don't want to learn... pity!


I live in Barcelona, hope you enjoy!! and take a lot of pics ;) one of my best sellers is from Barcelona aquarium, so take your cam with you every moment ;) don't forget to visit gothic zone, lost into their streets at night, the montjuic magical fountain, sunset at beach



Portugal, madam :-P


Ioanna, I've have been told many times that God created me ass backwards. It works though.


Guess I'll have to write a blog about how it was on vacation when I get back :D
Conceptualcreations, your belly is weird, the only one I ever heard of getting smaller with beer :))
Wisconsinart, no offense, but I don't wanna see a contributor in sight while I'm on holiday. I don't even check my account :P
Thanks again for the well wishes.


Have a great time in Spain Ioana!


You need a holiday with contributors like me around. :-)


Cerveza makes my belly shrink...lol. Ioana, have a safe trip, and may I speak for all, we are all looking forward to hearing about your trip!


Have a great vacation, Ioana!


Thanks for the wishes everyone :) I will try to bring some worthy pictures.
Lucky me I speak Spanish :)


Happy and restfull holiday!! And don't forget to bring us some visionary photos (not necessary for stock, but for fun). Take care!


oppssss forgot to wish you, have a wonderful holiday and have lots of rest and sleep.


Barcelona, ummmmm the memories are still fresh in my mind, my last visit I spent almost a week in Spain and not to forget meeting Henry & Messi in person, and the 8th 9th and 10th day i was in different airports, using last minute flights to travel between, Paris, Rome, Madrid then Spain then back to Istanbul and finally to Dubai.

Only problem I had in Spain was language, most of the people didn't speak English or they didn't wanted to.


Wish you a happy holiday! Spain is very beautiful indeed! (as I see from other's photos :))))) Have fun!


sounds so good.I feel like I am on a vacation every week end.We moved to a new place and there is so much to do and see.I love it
Thanks Debbie

Have fun and REST!


Ah no, no, no cerveza, hace la panza muy grande, (beer makes a big belly) :P
But I will rest though :), and thanks for the wishes. Hope none of you will wish my plane goes down unexpectedly cause I will hate you for that :D


Happy Holiday, Ioana! Rest & cerveza! :-)


Ioana, I wish you a happy holiday time - to have rest accoridning your imagination a to have some nice opportunities for photographing. To return to DT refreshed and full of taste for a new wave of work! :-)


Sounds really nice. Every time I try to plan on time off, something comes up. I hope you have lots of fun on your vacation.


Well, cause I already booked the house in Spain, and I don't really enjoy the traveling itself, I prefer going to one place and be there and around for a while than go through the entire country. One thing at a time, I would visit Portugal too ... one day.


My mini holidays will finish next Friday! I was on the beach this morning and after an hour I'm going back! It's 36º today!
Hey why don't go more to the west and visit Portugal. I know many touristic guides! I might be a help but only in few places.
The past week of holidays was much work :(

Cheers ;)

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