Spiral Jetty

The Spiral Jetty is a work of art that built in the Great Salt Lake in 1970 by the artist Robert Smithson. The Spiral Jetty is 1,500 long and known as an earthwork. This artwork is a remote part of the lake and travel is an adventure into the wild west.

I have traveled there twice to the site to photograph this fantastic art piece. I first became interested in the artwork during an art history class, which I wrote a paper for and have been enthralled with this earthwork ever since. I hope to return to the site again soon to see who this area has with the rising and falling of the Salt Lake water level

For more information on Spiral Jetty click on this link..


Photo credits: Eric Broder Van Dyke.

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September 02, 2011


Beautiful place !

September 02, 2011


Thanks for sharing. It looks great!

September 01, 2011


Looks great, interesting.

September 01, 2011


Hello Eric!
Beautiful place! Congratulations for the photos!

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