The spiral symbol

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In the rites and myths of many cultures has been crucial, and still has. Let's analyze a little 'to obtain a summary of meanings.

To the Celts, for whom culture was one of the key symbols: the spiral had a double meaning, which depended on the left-right motion, or otherwise. The first depicts the motion of the Sun in the sky, the second is related to the flow of Water and the Earth Goddess. Covered from the inside out, is the reconnection to the deity, the opposite is the knowledge of themselves.

Spiral ornaments have been found going back to the Paleolithic era, single or double. A curious double spiral, meaning the cycle of life and death that characterizes all of nature, the involution and evolution.

For South American cultures, like the Lapps could draw the spiral as a reject positive and negative energies, and outlined a path that is the time, and similarly all'Uroboros Nietzsche Eternal Return.

Photo credits: Emiliano Giannarelli.

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