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Yesterday I went to Berlin to support my best friend who took part in Berlin Marathon 2007. More than 40 thousands people took part in that great sport event. It was my first time to be so close in to real human competition.

It was really cool to be there. You could feel the energy and an atmosphere of happiness and joy connected with concentration and attention of runners. All of them were waiting for the final shot. All of them were having joy to be there. All of them were waiting for all the hardships to come. All of them wanted to finish the marathon and to surmount the difficulties and hardships of humans body.

During that event you could find so many feelings surrounding each participant. From happiness, joy and smile to deep pain, sweat and drops of tears. It was amazing what one could feel at that time. How could unite himself with others.

I realized one thing. It's not about who's the best, who is the fastest , who gets the award it's all about being unite, being one body with the others. Your skin colour doesn't matter, your faith and political liking. It was all about sport and having joy of beeing there. Competiton always is on some stage but for most of them it was to finish that course. And to stay human.

I hope I'll take part in the event like this once again

Take care


Photo credits: Dreamstime Agency, Saniphoto.

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