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Hi everybody. I was wondering, as I am a cycling fan and have many cycling pics, what sorts of sports pictures (editorial) does sell the best and why.

I would appreciate if you give your opinion, and I would appreciate it even more if you give an example of a photo :).

With this blog I also like to share some of my cycling pics from the Tour de France and some other famous races.

Photo credits: Jeroen Kins.

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January 17, 2011


I agree with Mani33. Shoot what you can and submit them all

January 17, 2011


Beautiful photos, I don't know what to say about editorial, I sold editorial but not sports...You have to put everything online, are many clients in the world and each one can buy one of your photos.

January 15, 2011


Nice shots! If I were you I would take of what I can shoot & submit!
If we could know what sells better we will be rich :)

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