Sports Photography - Overlooked?

Do a search for sports. What images come up? Football, basketball, lacross, soccer, all those ones we all see blasted on our television sets. I would like to take a minute to briefly cover the sport of precision firearms.

Shooting exercises with rifles and pistols go beyond the need for hunting, or the desire to live out some power trip. It takes a great deal of skill, and a LOT of practice to be able to send a half-inch wide object 1000+ yards and have it land exactly where you want it to, within fractions of an inch. I greatly admire the skill our military soldiers and law enforcement individuals have. To be able to perform such a feat truly is an art form.

When learned correctly, the sport of precision and tactical shooting also teaches survival skills, such as blending into the environment, learning how to steady yourself, being patient, and learning to rely on your instincts combined with professional training.

The above picture is of my fiance (husband next month). He is a retired foreign war veteran (Operation Enduring Freedom). He continues to practice his tactical and precision skills, which actually landed him a job marketing rifle scopes to the law enforcement and military!

Photo credits: Teresa Kenney.

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