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I have been on Dreamstime since last July and haven't had tremendous success with my uploads. I tend to get a lot of comments like "Image is out of focus" or "Too much noise". I have been trying to fix these issues but it is still proving hard. Although I have had my hardships it seems that I have the most success with Sports shots. I live in Tampa Florida where there are many teams and sports to choose from and it seems capturing the moments has benefited me because 40% of my have been from these "Sports Shots". I just hope that the sales justify the tickets prices for going to the games :)

© Asklar

© Asklar

© Asklar

© Asklar

Photo credits: Alexa Sklar.

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Hi Alexa, your sports images are good and will see more sales, however, I also wonder sometimes (with other submitters) whether they take these pics because they are at these events, or if they go there specifically to take photos for submissions, if the latter is the case it definately becomes a factor as to how many sales are generated against the price of the tickets etc...


good pictures sales seem a bit slow so it is well to get lots of enjoyment out of the game itself.


Great shots.

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