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Hi Guys!

I am going to be shooting for a charity at the London Marathon - next week! This should no doubt be great fun but considering that I have only been on one proper sports shoot before now, I can do with all the tips and tricks you can give me!

Here are the tips I know for now and - of course - would like to share... :O)

On my rugby shoot, I went for a fairly long lens (100-400), which allowed me the flexibility of getting deep into the action. In terms of settings, focused on a fairly high speed shutter and fairly large apperture setting. I also chose usually high ISO settings, at times when sudden cloud cover made it challenging to keep my shutter as fast as desired.

Given my limited experience with sports and as the marathon is most probably going to be quite a different proposition (in comparison to a rugby shoot), I would appreciate any additional tips you can share... What lens choice (100-400 or 70-200 or even shorter), shooting angles, exposure settings (ISO, apperture and time), shooting tips, etc...

Is anyone else going to be shooting the marathon too? It would be great to share...

Many thanks!


Photo credits: Edosaodaro.

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April 08, 2014


Ha ha...
Thanks Fabio!

April 08, 2014


You have made ​​some great sports photos, your zoom (100 400) is appropriate, I can not give you advice because I never realized sporting events!

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