Spring activities

So it’s the beginning of April and I am still waiting for the spring. The weather in internet promises that spring comes next week.

I can’t wait to see the green grass, the little leaves and the buds in the trees, the sun and some blue sky, the smelling of spring.

I can’t wait to begin the spring activities:

- Walking in the park with my family

- Photo shooting outdoor

- Fishing

- Hiking in the mountains

- Jogging in the park

- Come to office with my bike

- Decorating my balcony

- Smell some flowers

- Grilling near a lake

Spring will cheer us up, give us a boost for our everyday activities, bring color in our lives.

So spring where are you?

And what is your favorite spring activity?

Photo credits: Mangroove.

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April 10, 2013


Hiking is something I love. Spring is starting to come here, but today is more wintry again.

April 08, 2013


Nice Images!!

April 08, 2013


here in cyprus it feels like already summer !! :) truly now is the time to get very active! :)

April 07, 2013


Nice photos! Germany is still very cold. Hopefully spring will come here soon, too.

April 05, 2013


Hiking and photo shooting is well underway. :-)

April 05, 2013


It can't come soon enough!!!

Tommorow I am going to a local horse trials, my first event of the year, I can't wait.

April 05, 2013


Yeah, spring is welcome!
Preparing the boat is one favorite :-)

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