Spring Arrives with Great Opportunities!

The other day, I felt like the weight of winter finally broke from my back! It was beautiful outside here in Northern Virginia! The birds started singing loudly and proudly and the small mammals started foraging for the goodies left behind.

To push my advantages from my camera's perspective, I decided to take advantage of the natural landscape view from my backyard to entice the furry and feathered friends for photographic opportunities.

With five very gigantic pine and spruce trees growing along the property line, I have more than enough pine cones to last for several winters! I gathered up a small kitchen trash bag full of the fullest and largest I could find. I coated about a fourth of them in peanut butter and rolled them around in bird seed to create natural bird feeders! The squirrels and chipmunks like them, too. :)

After getting a flower pot full, I ventured outside with them, hanging some in the dogwood tree out front and some in the large maple tree behind the house.

The pine cone feeders were hung on Tuesday. Wednesday, I found that two of the pine cones were missing from the maple tree. I figured squirrels carried them off. I laughed and proceeded to fill the four feeders that made it through the harsh winter with leftover seed. As I filled the smallest one, I saw beneath my step stool one of the missing pine cones! It had ventured about 50-feet from the maple tree to one of the pine trees! Silly squirrel. :) I found the other one all the way around to the front of the house under the dogwood tree!

So here I am on Thursday listening and watching grackles, ring-winged blackbirds, some cute brown striped bird, juncos, squirrels, cow birds, and starlings enjoy the bounty. I await the sun to shift position of the shadows and the camera will snap away! Meanwhile, I will run to Lowe's to grab some potting soil. I have seeds to finish planting in my new outdoor pots so as to attract lovely butterflies and small finches later on! Gold finches make wonderful models. :)

Even for those who don't want to photograph them, these are a great way to entice the pretty wildlife creatures to your yard to entertain you with their antic and their songs :)

Photo credits: Teresa Kenney.

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March 19, 2010


Wonderful! I love the chipmunks especially.

March 12, 2010


Great work!Wish you a lot of sales and a beautiful spring:)

March 12, 2010


Thank you all for the compliments!

March 12, 2010


Fantastic! Amazing pics!!!!!

March 11, 2010


Enjoy your time in your yard!

March 11, 2010


Cute animals. You are lucky to have them. :) You seem to take a good care of them too, no wonder they like to be around.

March 11, 2010


Your photos are beautiful!!! However, I am jealous. We don't have any green to speak of yet in Chicago. This is my first winter/spring here, and I was told we won't see flowers blooming until April. After living in Florida for 17 years, I don't know if I can wait that long!

Thank you for sharing the beautiful colors of spring with us. Hopefully I, too, will see green soon.

Happy sales!

March 11, 2010


Excellent photos!

March 11, 2010


Yeah,that's great. I love pictures of nature and wildlife. Thanks for your post.Cheers

March 11, 2010


Great images! You have such a wonderful variety of wildlife in your garden, you're very lucky. Keep up the great work :)

March 11, 2010


Lovely animals and birds too!

March 11, 2010


Oh these are just too cute! I love squirrels!

March 11, 2010


OH I HAVE TO SHARE! I just watched one of the squirrels hang upside down by his back feet from a branch, chew one of the pine code feeders off the string, and run like crazy back to the woods! I wasn't fast enough to snap a picture, but it was sooooo funny!! I don't think he wanted to share. :)

March 11, 2010


Nice pictures, congrats. Keep working.

March 11, 2010


Very impressive work & well done shots... Good luck in sales ;)

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