Spring colors

Holy Land Series - Israeli Winter scene Panorama 1

This winter has been unexpectedly wet in Israel. After 6 long years of drought it was a blessing for the water

Holy Land Series - Israeli Winter scene 4

Holy Land Series - Israeli Winter scene 8

reservoirs and to the flora and fauna of the ever narrowing wild areas in Israel.

No matter how wet a winter in Israel, it always turn bleak dry colors in a matter of few weeks.

Holy Land Series - Spring Blossom3

I was lucky enough to capture this winter's colors in couple of field trips with my family.

In one case, I was also fortunate to enjoy dramatic skies that added to the blossom colors and on another

Holy Land Series - Spring Blossom1

occasion, tweaking the slides in Lightroom, brought out the colors.

Holy land Series - Gad Hill3

The time frame to capture all this beauty is between January to mid March, after that you can only shoot

Holy Land Series -Afek National Park panorama#2

shades of yellow and brown as everything decay and the hot season arrives.

Holy Land Series -Afek National Park#6

Holy Land Series - Gad Hill6

For a few weeks, we can feel like we're a European/North American country with abundance of water, flowers and vegetation. I truly like this period.

Your comments are welcome.

Holy Land Series -Mount Carmel#2

Holy Land Series -Palmachim National Park panorama

Photo credits: Amitai.

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April 05, 2019


@Patric57@Williamwise1@TinanirbhayThank you very much for your comments! appreciate the time you spent to go thru this post.Sabbath Shalom (Peaceful Sabbath).Amitai

April 03, 2019


Good photo's Amitai, love the colours of the plants.

April 02, 2019


Wow, very beautiful! Not what I picture in my mind when I think of Israel. I hope one day to visit! Isaiah 35:1 "The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose." William

March 29, 2019


nice images.....

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