Spring Comes Round

Floppy of the dirt, melting of the remnant snow, Spring comes with its gentle breeze. Grass & trees open their eyes; melting ice water flow over the rural fields, nourishing the crops; birds would not cuddle up with their heads buried deeply into their bodies, they can paddle on the shining water and stroll off shore if they like.…

Spring, neither like the frozen Winter, nor the hot Summer, the climate in Spring is quite delightful. In the warm sunshine, people begin to get rid of their heavy & clumsy winter suits, instead, change to the colorful spring dressing, they prefer go outdoor to the suburb, or river side to enjoy the fresh air & warm sunshine under the spring season.

Spring, not only brings the warmth, but also bring the vitality. When spring flicks away your body by her gentle breeze, you will certainly breathe the spring smell and refresh your spirit. With the cold Winter passing by, Spring comes quietly with its gentle & lovely sunshine. It’s a season full of anticipation; it gestates various new lives and means another beginning of vivid life & hard working for the entire new year.

Yes! The whole world is full of animation and hope again.

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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February 18, 2009


Very nice shots :-)

February 16, 2009


Nice shot!We are looking forward to the spring!

February 16, 2009


winter comes, spring wiill not be far... I saw your winter pictures, really great shot & suit for skiing quite much.

February 16, 2009


Well, maybe that's happening where you live, because here in Switzerland last weekend was the coldest of the whole Winter (down to -32.5 C in some parts of the country) and we got a lot more snow on Saturday.

We're definitely waiting for Spring to come, hoping that Summer will be as "summerish" as Winter was "winterish"!!!

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