The Spring Festival fireworks

The Spring Festival is the best time for people who like fireworks. Just look outside your window and you can enjoy a fabulous and free firework show every evening during the festival. With more money and better manufacturing technology, fireworks are getting more and more beautiful these days.

Watching fireworks is so much fun. When a tiny shiny spot bursts in the sky and huge voice hits your ears, when the red, green and purple sparks fall like flying stars and make the sky so colorful and bright, I will feel that this is how heaven looks like, even though the air is filled with the smell of gunpowder, even though the beauty can last for only seconds.

I especially like watching the sparks going up into the sky. We won’t know what this firework looks like until it explodes. In that one second, I will feel the happiness of waiting and expecting. Then when it finally bursts, our happiness will blossom like flowers, and so will our smiles.

Photo credits: Xuying1975.

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