Spring photography

© Kreoon
© Kinlem
When somebody asks me why I love photographing and creating images, I always answer: "Because I love to play with light and colors". Spring offers a big opportunity to play with both of them.

As for spring, I love to focus on white and green. This year I plan to make many photos with spring nature.

As for me, I love green as a spring color, the spring green color is so fresh and so optimistic. However I also love the whitem the blue and the pink like spring colors.

A very popular spring color is, of course, yellow. I like very much yellow, especially I love dandelions, they are like small suns in grass. There are a lot of images with dandelions, but I will make photos of dandelions as well, for my pleasure.

One my tip: During studing the topic of spring photography, I have found that senior people in spring nature can sell very well. So if you have elder people who likes to be photographed, invite them for spring photo meeting.

have always liked to take photo in nature, but I plan to make much more images with spring nature. Nature might be the best studio for photographers. Have a wonderful spring!


Photo credits: Serban Enache, Dmitri Melnik, Ruben Joye, Monkey Business Images, Starblue.

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Love your work I have so much to learn !


I very much wait for approach of spring... I Wait green, bright, juicy. While at us it not so, but remains to a few time. Some people wish to be photographed on the nature and we wait for it. It is more all than light, heat and bright emotions!


Jitka, your in a class of your own, wonderful images again.


Green leaves and water amazing image, I saw that image in another blog Wow images, really very nice image and of course the variety in your portfolio is very nice.


My favorite of your images is the leaves over the water. I am a swimmer so I am always attracted to those reflections on water since that is where I live half of the time! Thanks for sharing these visions of loveliness.


Hi Jitka. The pictures are amazing. The "white daisy in spring" image is my fav and the dog is sooo cute, I wish it was mine.


Nice shot!
This is a group of very attractive in spring.

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