Is spring on the road?

If winter comes,can spring be far behind?

ha,I love these words wrote by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Then I think a foto of mine may be fit to these great words.

© Seesea

As shown in this pic,The ice is thawing,the river flow,and the radiant and enchanting sunshine shines on the surface of ice and water.How beautiful scene it is!

I love spring,though sometimes,i love snow more :)

What's your opinion? All the lovely designers and photographers on DT?

Photo credits: Seesea.


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January 21, 2008


Hi Indi23. The reason that I like winter is just the same as you said :)

January 19, 2008


The lowest temperature here in winter is 13 degrees below zero in recent years.I have never seen the thing you describe,it's awful,but,i still want to experience it :) I'am curious about something that never saw.
And,you are so humorous.It made me happy :)
Hope my words won't confuse you,because some them are from my dictionary at hand.My god!

January 19, 2008


As I am writing this, it's a balmy -19 degrees below zero. The furnace is running like a runaway frieght train. The truck wouldn't start.
It's so cold I saw a swowshoe trying to push a jack rabbit just to get him started.
Yeah I love snow also,,, when it's warm enough to get back to water.

Winter sucks.

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