A few Christmas images have been downloaded in the last few days. Seasonal images are often put into play many months prior to the actual time of year. The conundrum is that the best time to shoot seasonal images is after the images have reached their peak download period. Now IS the time to create images emblematic of Easter and springtime.
(Still need iconic photos and illustrations for the current season? Please see more images in my collection Spring.)
Girl in the Rain
Scent of spring
It's raining today in Seattle. That's no news in this wet city in time of the year. In other cities, April brings showers signaling the beginning of spring. The best rain image and one that I have watched sell for 18 years, is of a small child in a yellow slicker, crouched down in front of a puddle of rain water. His body language and absorption in the reflection in the water create an image of wonder and curiosity. It was an accidental image made by a woman who grabbed her camera at the last minute before heading out on to walk in the rain with her son. It has made $10,000 many times over.
Capture the exhilaration that the warmer weather brings to children. As a child raised at the base of the Rocky Mountains, I remember what fun it was after the long cold winter, to finally escape the house and run outside barefoot.
Matsumoto Castle during cherry blossom (Sakura)
Cherry Blossom Festival
A springtime ritual in Japan is hanami (flower viewing). Friends and families stake out a favorite spot and picnic under the blooming cherry trees. This is an occasion for drinking lots of beer. This year the parties start on March 21 in Tokyo and later further north. The Washington, DC Cherry Blossom Festival runs from March 31 to April 15. A list of activities: http://www.nationalcherryblossomfestival.org
Leaf on yellow blue background
Spring is sneeze season. The two images below send a message that seasonal allergies have begun.
Notice that in the image on the left above, the wardrobe is appropriate for warm weather. If the model were wearing winter clothing, the image would say more about flu than about spring allergies.
White Rabbit
Cute is a major element of iconic Easter images: baby chicks, lambs and little baskets. I love the image of the bunny in the grass above. It's an Easter image but not a typical one. The bunny is cute but he is curious. The saturated colors in the sky and grass mimic outdoor light in spring. It's a real winner.
Bunny's Pile of Eggs
Chocolate easter
A bit of history: the reason we have a bunny bringing eggs at Easter is that the original holiday was a pagan fertility festival. The hare was the most rapidly reproducing animal around. He brought the children decorated eggs as a symbol of birth. Hares are very large rabbits and pretty rare these days (defying their reputation as the winner in the animal fertility contest that made them famous) so the more common bunny is today's symbol.
Easter eggs
Easter eggs
Egg decorating styles differ greatly all over the world, as do even the dates of Easter. This year both the Orthodox and Catholic Easter fall on the same day that is unusual. Hot cross buns are for breakfast on Good Friday and the rest of the Easter menu depends upon your culture. The Dreamstime collection is a rich source of international images for just these reasons.
Hot Cross Buns
Easter Sunday is one of the most important events on the Christian calendar.
Church Window Easter Lillies
Sunrise services can be lovely to photograph and there are none in the collection.
Light on an Easter Cross
Abstract Easter Theme
Shooting ideas:
Shoot in the rain
Easter egg hunt
Sunrise service
Children dyeing eggs
Red eyes and sneezes
Easter themed table settings
Rent an Easter bunny costume
No bunny toys or other products that might be trademarked
Christian symbols
Flowering trees

Photo credits: Varina And Jay Patel, Winthrop Brookhouse, Connie Larsen, David Park, Dimitrije Paunovic, Jose Manuel Gelpi Diaz, Edyta Linek, Anja Peternelj, Igor Zhorov, Janeh15, Jason Harvey, Koi88, Lyzard914, Marknoak, Mk74, Andrey Kiselev, Reno12, Scamp, Yali Shi, Stevies, Ionescu Teodor Alexandru, Melanie Taylor, Lawrence Weslowski Jr, Melanie Defazio.

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You are correct about shooting recognizable people at an outdoor Easter sunrise service. The shot that I was thinking about is often of a cross or three crosses erected for the service. The "beauty" shot is the one with the sun coming up behind the cross(es) or first light shining on them. There will be a very short amount of time if the service really does take place at sunrise when the attendees can be back-lit or in shadow. Short of that, if it's your church, ask for releases from anyone that you know. Of course, be respectful of the service and those attending.


Hi Ellen! Loved your Springtime article! I just joined and most of what I have uploaded is all Spring and Easter related. I would love to shoot a sunrise play. We've had one every year where I live for over 40 years! My question about this is: Would'nt we have to have a model release signed by each and every actor in the play that was photographed? That would be hard to do with total strangers in the play and being among a crowd of several hundred people there to watch the play. Any suggestions on this? Thanks, I'll go back to learning from your other articles now and come back later for an answer! Keep up the good work, it's very much appreciated!


A bell with wings? How wonderful. I was part of a French family at one time but the only Easter tradition that was different from my traditional American ones was gift giving at Easter. I almost put a few images of presents in the blog to honor that tradition. Getting presents is always a good thing!


No kidding ! Amazing that kids do not question it, isn't it ?


I think a bell with wing is weird too,.....lol


Yep, Sophie ! Here in US it's a bunny ! I know in France it's a Bell with wings...That's what I grew up with too... Anyways, we could shoot both and I am sure there are more than 2 different traditions for easter.
Thanks, Ellen for once again giving us great tips !!


hey, is that true that a bunny is bringing the eggs? Never heard about that :) ... For me that the ringing bell :O
(I know it wird because the bell don't have arms but that the way I was explained the presence of chocolate eggs in my garden)
a bunny ... are you sure ?


Nice article, thanks for sharing! I feel motivated to shoot some Eastern and spring images. The bad thing is, they will be reviewed for Christmas :) Well, there is always a next Eastern anyway.


What a wonderful Idea. I'll have to go hunt up some sunrise services in my area! Sandy

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