Springtime in rural America

It's an exciting time of year in the rural mid west America because winter has finally loosened its grip and spring has finally came shining light on the ground and thawed the cold winter snow from the land, the dormant grass will start waking up and the beautiful greenery will come back and that is always great news for nature lovers and photographers because even though the beauty of snow can be magical 6 months or longer of it can be tiresome.

Beautiful Springtime River Rural America

Some key tips for springtime stock photography is to make sure when you add spring photos to your portfolio is to actually add words like "spring" and "springtime" to your keywords, even though it sounds simple it can easily slip our minds in our busy days, another tip is try capturing images with thawing snow still on the ground, that will tell the buyer that is looking for spring themed pictures that your image is being truthful to the subject which adds brownie points to you as the seller and may help you gain a returning buyer.

Snow Covered Camping Trailer Spot

One of the best things to look forward to in the spring is being able to start going camping again and being one with nature, this is an opportunity for many people to connect with there inner outdoor person and being able to connect with friends and family, which we all know as stock photographers that outdoor group gatherings can make for great stock photography images that appeal to buyers.

Camping Picnic Benches In A Row

Don't forget to kick back and relax this spring, after all the picture taking fun during the day make sure you treat yourself to a calming evening next to the campfire and keep warm.

Photo credits: Gluestick.

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Ya I hear you there, its been snowing and melting here so when its sunny we take advantage off it. Never been to the Uk, I bet you guys have beautiful countrysides to see.


It will be so much better to have more bright pleasant days(we hope) to get out with the camera, winter in the Uk can be quite a dreary affair at times.

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